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As temperatures  begin to rise so should our awareness of standing water in and around our homes. As spring approaches water temperatures remain cool enough in the evening to keep mosquitoes at bay. Insects very similar to mosquitoes like fungus gnats will appear and many mistaken them for mosquitoes. Another look-alike is the crane fly.  Crane Flys actually look like a giant mosquito, some call them "Mosquito Eaters' though there is no truth they actually eat mosquitoes. They begin showing up as the weather warms and love to get inside homes and fly up and down walls. Adult mosquitoes are no bigger than the size of a dime while crane flys are bigger than a half-dollar coin.  As overnight temperatures begin to rise mosquitoes will begin to develop.  Now is the time to begin overturning anything outside the home holding water, even if the size of a bottle cap! Rain and sprinkler water will accumlate inside of anything it may come in contact with, Toys, bottle caps, crinkled up plastic bags. Keep water from collecting no matter what the size is.  Swimming pools that are constantly maintained should pose no problem however smaller kiddie pools, pet dishes, ornamental ponds, and tarps covering barbeque gear or recreational items will hold water without realizing it. It only takes a small amount of water standing to develop mosquitoes so don't always think big when looking for standing water. If you're convinced you've got mosquitoes then give us a call.