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Invasive Aedes Yard Inspection

                 Invasive Aedes Yard Inspection 

bottle cap breeding
              KEEP IN MIND

When you Report A Mosquito Problem Tulare Mosquito Abatement  will come to your residence and preform a Yard Inspection.  Tulare MAD will be looking for any potential breeding sources on your property, The goal is to find the cryptic breeding sources and educate the resident on an individual basis of the sources on their own property. It is then the residents responsibility to be check their property on a weekly schedule, this is the only way to prevent this Invasive Aedes breeding. Most invasive Aedes mosquitoes thrive in any man-made containers and do not fly far. If you are getting bit, the standing water is probably in your own yard. Most problems exist in residents own backyards/patios.  Spending 10 minutes WEEKLY walking around dumping and scrubbing the small cryptic man-made places (pictures below) will help your mosquito problem.  

When walking around your yard keep in mind that the Invasive Aedes mosquito is looking for secluded small cryptic places with fresh clean water or something holding moisture, to glue her eggs on. 

                Sources to look for inside and outside of your house