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Physical Control

Physical control makes an environment uninviting for mosquitoes to breed in.  Physical controls include barriers like screens, bed nets and long sleeves and pants. Another form of physical control is source reduction or habitat modification such as draining or removing debris from a body of water to filling in tree holes.Physical control is usually the most effective of the mosquito control techniques available and is accomplished by eliminating, or significantly reducing, mosquito breeding sites. The primary operational objective of physical control is to reduce the mosquito carrying capacity of a source to preclude the use of control methods that would adversely impact the environment and wildlife. This can be as simple as properly discarding old containers which hold water or as complex as developing a regional drain system for storm water. Physical control can virtually eliminate the need for pesticide use in and adjacent to the affected habitat. There are many types of mosquito breeding sources capable of being reduced by physical control techniques. 


                     Invasive Aedes Physical Control 

Most invasive Aedes mosquitoes thrive in any man-made containers and do not fly far. If you are getting bites, the standing water is probably in your own yard. Most problems exist in residents own backyards/patios.  Spending 10 minutes WEEKLY walking around dumping and scrubbing the small cryptic man-made places (pictures below) will help your mosquito problem.