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John Avila

Position: General Manager
Mailing Address:
6575 Dale Fry Rd    Tulare, CA 93274

John began his career at the District in 1991 as a seasonal technician and filling in as an agricultural pilot. 

In April 0f 1995 he joined the team as a full time technician.  John worked as a technician and pilot throughout his career and in 2013 was appointed Director of Operations.  Four years later in April of 2017 he was appointed General Manager by the District's Board of Trustees.  

John is a life-long resident of Tulare having graduated from Tulare Western High School.  He grew up near Waukena California and as a small boy was mesmerized by crop dusters and it was that dream that led him to the field of mosquito control where eventulally he would make a career flying the very same aircraft he watched as a young man spraying the pastures for mosquitos near the family farm.